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Hi there and welcome to our glycolic acid blog! If this is your first visit – thanks very much for taking the time to stop by and have a browse through our glycolic acid articles.

For you repeat visitors, welcome back we hope the blog has improved since the last time you visited. Our goal as always is to deliver you loads of fresh content on how to best utilize glycolic acid in your skin care regime – so that you can feel and look your best each and every day.

We are currently in the process of adding a whole bunch of new content to the site, which is very exciting to say the least. So make sure you bookmark this site and check back often as there will be loads of beauty tips, info and product reviews for you to sink your teeth into over the coming weeks / months.

Without any further adieu let us begin this glycolic acid skincare journey with you – this initial article is designed as a general overview and is a great place to start if you are new to the site and are unfamiliar with just what glycolic acid is. We take you through the basics of this amazing cosmetic product and conclude by providing you with additional reading to further your glycolic knowledge. Enjoy!

It’s no secret that everybody wants glowing soft blemish free skin, we here at about glycolic acid have created this site to share with you everything we know about the startling secrets Hollywood’s most beautiful starlets have been keeping from us for years…their love affair with glycolic acid skin care treatments!

Wouldn’t it be nice if each and every day you could wake up confident to face the world and leave a lasting impression on all those you are fortunate enough to meet. Well I say to you my friends don’t dream it do it…skin care requires a conscious effort and the fact that your here today willing to soak up this information tells me that you’ve got what it takes to make your skin the beautiful, soft luxurious glowing exterior that even a supermodel would be proud of.

So lets get to the juicy part…

Just what is Glycolic Acid?

For those technical aficionados amongst us glycolic acid is a compound derived from the chemical group ’fruit acids’ also known as alpha hydroxy acid (AHA). However in simpler everyday language glycolic acid is simply a colorless and odorless chemical found in a variety of fruits – fruits you and I have heard of and could even consume everyday – unripe grapes, sugar cane, pineapple, canteloupe and sugar beets.

Ok I hear you saying well how is this going to help give me skin that Hollywood starlets would be proud of? A very good question – it all has to do with what the chemical can be used in once it has been collected.

Once harvested from these fruits the chemical compound is widely considered as one of the most practical, harmless, efficient, beneficial and affordable skin treatment products available for personal use on the market today…I hope this brought as big a smile to your face as it did me the first time I heard this, this wonderful natural beauty enhancer is available to us all in our quest for perfect blemish free skin.

How can I use Glycolic Acid for Skin Care?

I know you must be itching in your seats thinking about how many potential possibilities this skin treatment can offer in the fight against blemished skin! I really feel your enthusiasm and personally, I think you’ll be astounded at just how versatile glycolic acid really is as a holistic skin care treatment system.

As a beauty product  this chemical compound is an extremely versatile compound that serves a wide variety of complex skin care needs.

Do you…

  • Dream about finding an elusive Anti Aging Formula that can help put the brakes on father time?
  • Wonder if a glycolic skin peel could have you feeling almost 10 years younger?
  • Want your skin to bathe in glorious reconditioning and rejuvenating glycolic acid mousturizers?
  • Pine for a glycolic acid toner that will have your soft rosy cheeks turning heads on the street?
  • Think you would be surprised if a glycolic acid cream actually helped you revitalize and reinvigorate your beautiful facial skin?

If you’ve ever found yourself perplexed at just how you can deal with any of the previous skin care issues then glycolic products could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

If you want more detailed information about the many uses of glycol acid check out our products page and browse our more indepth offerings on the different functions glycolic acid can peel.

How does glycolic acid work?

It’s all well and good that we proclaim all these amazing benefits of glycolic acid as a treatment for skin care concerns, but that isn’t good enough for us. We want you to be as truly inspired by this product as we are by having a good working knowledge of how the treatment actually works so that you can rest assured that this isn’t one of those self proclaimed miracle drugs that are so flamboyantly thrown in our faces by marketers these days.

So here we go, the theory of skin cell regeneration and how these glycol creams, lotions, toners and other products can help reverse the damages undertaken by our skin throughout our many walks of life…

Over time as we expose ourselves to the sun there is a slow but steady reduction in the rate at which our old skin cells are shedded and replaced by fresh revitalised new skin cells. As our exposure to the elements increases over time is a layer of dead skin is formed that causes our skin to appear rugged, worn and aged.

Now remember when we said that glycolic acid was made from alpha-hydroxy acids or AHA? Well anyway these AHA chemicals when applied to our skin, loosen the rubber like substances that hold our old worn down skins cells together on the surface of our skin. Thus the AHA’s allow the old weather worn skin cells to be shed and our new healthy skin cells can shine through…leaving you revitalised and positively glowing.

Overtime with repeated exposure to these skin nourishment products the deepest layers of your skin will be exposed to the age slowing AHA’s. The result? Soft smooth skin that has been subject to a collagen and elastin regeneration and reinvigoration process that banishes those dreaded fine lines for good.

A Well Rounded Skin Care Regime

We know that beautiful skin doesn’t happen overnight. We also know that there is no single product that will act as a miracle cure whose application will leave blemish free perfect skin. What we do know however is that if you implement a well rounded skin care regime using a number of different products that all work well together in harmony, you will give yourself as good as possible a chance of achieving the skin you’ve always dreamt of.

With this in mind we’ve not only dedicated ourselves to  providing you with a wealth of information and articles relating to glycolic acid and its benefits. But we’ve also compiled a smattering of articles about related skin care and wellbeing products that you can use in conjunction with glycolic acid to achieve all of your skin care and wellbeing goals.

If your interested take a look at our informative articles about:

The Ultimate Glycolic Acid Resource

Our goal here at About Glycolic Acid dot com is to provide you with the ultimate resource for combating the effects of a multitude of skin problems.

If you have any ideas or comments for our articles please don’t hesitate to contact us, we love hearing from all our supporters.

I hope you find the information around our site compelling, informative and above all else useful. Browse our glycolic acid products and their reviews, soak up the detailed information and above all enjoy yourself.

Remember by using glycolic acid skin care products, you can have beautiful soft glowing blemish free skin – it is a journey and by finding glycolic acid I feel you’ve taken a giant first step in that journey by choosing to learn from us…enjoy the site :)

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