Emu Oil Cream

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For many thousands of years Australia’s Indigenous population have been using an all natural highly specialized oil in the topical treatment of a wide variety of body ailments and skin problems. Only recently however has this secret been discovered and this wonder oil is now widely available for use by the general public. What is this wonder oil? I present to you the all natural emu oil cream.

Emu oil is derived from the fatty tissues found on the back of the Australian native emu.

Once extracted following the stringent guidelines set out by the Australian Federal Government a substance called emu oil cream is produced. These white creams are melted at a temperatue between 18-22 degrees celcius and produce a clear to honey-yellow oily liquid that can be applied to a whole range of common body and skin ailments.

The Benefits of Using Emu Oil

There are many well documented benefits of using emu oils in the topical relief of body ailments and various skin conditions. Some of the benefits of emu oil include:

  • Rehydration of dry skin relieving symptoms such as skin flakes, cracked or chafed skin
  • Reduction in the severity and prominence of any scarring
  • Treats itchy skin conditions such as exzema, insect bites and sting
  • Topical treatment for chronic muscle aches and
  • Acts as an anti-inflamatory in joints to reduce pain, sweeling and associated stiffness
  • Can be used on younger children to help relieve the severity of ‘growing pains’
  • Can help in the treatment and recovery process of muscle and ligament strains and sprains

Emu Oil

The History of Emu Oil

The use of emu oil has been touted as a highly efficient natural remedy by Australian European settlers since the 1860′s. Anecdotal evidence suggests however that emu oils were used extensively by Indigenous Australian Aborigines for many many thousands of years prior to European settlement.

The emu is a large flightless bird native to the land down under Australia. On the back of these large birds is a pocket of fat that was designed as a protective device against the many natural predators of the Australian emu.

It turns out that the fat found on the back on the emu is rich in the fatty acids that are abundunt in healthy glowing human skin.

This emu fat is extracted from the emu and refined and distilled on a  molecular level in order to remove the proteins, bacterias and particulate matter within. The result…a highly potent formula designed to help reverse the onset of many skin problems and help relieve pain and inflammation associated with stiff joints and muscular pain.

How do Emu Oils and Creams Work?

Emu oil once extracted, distilled and refined contain three very important acids that can greatly benefit our body:

  1. Linoleic Acid – More commonly known as Omega 6
  2. Linolenic Acid – More connonly known as Omega 3
  3. Oleic Acid – Which acts as a natural anti-inflammatory agent

These natural fatty acids are required by our body in order to keep it working and in tip top shape. Our bodies do not produce these natural fatty acids themselves, as such we are required to get these acids into our bodies through other sources.

When you apply emu oil to your skin it acts as a mousturiser rehydrating and replenishing vital nutrients within our skin. It can also help ease the discomfort of chaffed skin, even differences in skin complexion and iron out and soften the appearance of wrinkles.

As you massage the oil into your skin it deeply penetrates and rehydrates the underlying skin cells and muscle tissues. Because it contains an all natural source of Oleic acid it will provide an anti-inflammatory stimulant that eases the pain and aches associated with inflamed joints and muscles.

Natural emu oils and creams are a fantastic and all natural source of the important fatty acids that will help our joints, ligaments and muscles get through the day to day grind of living life.

Where to Find Emu Oils

If you are suffering from skin conditions such as dry flaky skin, eczema, rash or insect bites we recommend using emu oils or emu oil cream as an effective skin relief product.

For a more comprehensive review of all that is emu oil and just what it can do to help you maintain and improve your body and skin functions you can find many interesting articles at our emu oil partners.

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